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- Paul McCartney
Spay/neuter services are provided through BARC. BARC’s rockin’ program is open to anyone who is on government assistance (WIC, social security, social security disability, Medicaid, food stamps, IL link card, Section 8 housing, etc) or to those who can show proof of financial need regardless of residency. Individuals earning $20,000 or less and families earning $32,000 or less annually qualify. Proof of eligibility must be shown on surgery day. There is a minimum copay of $20 per cat and $30 per dog. If you qualify, give a shout out to the Carol House Quick Fix Clinic at 314-771-PETS (7387). Please reference BARC’s program.
BARC STL Specials
BARC’s spay/neuter program is for owned pets and not for breeders or anyone affiliated with rescue groups. We regretfully cannot provide this service for other organizations.
For an appointment for spay/neuter services, call 314-771-PETS (7387) and reference the BARC program for low-income persons. Vaccinations are not required but are available at low prices on surgery day or other clinic days.

Spay/Neuter Price List
Cat – $20
Dog – $30